Sustainability Actions

Cyon Research and COFES have made sustainability a significant focus of our efforts. So far, we have:

  1. Adjusted the menu to emphasize locally grown food.
  2. Switched to cambrios of water and glasses, wherever possible, to reduce the amount of bottled water.
  3. Switched to pitchers of juices instead of bottles of juice, on consumption.
  4. Tracked carbon usage for airline miles flown to and from COFES.
  5. Purchased carbon offsets for those miles and highlighted the offsets to each COFES attendee.
  6. Made sustainability a theme of COFES and invited key speakers to give us insight on what we can do as a community.
  7. Created a conference on sustainability, the DaS Symposium, co-located with COFES.
  8. Replaced the attendee bags with bags made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials.
  9. Eliminated all direct mail promotions, other than printed invitations; we use electronic media for most communications with our customers (except for receipts and registration confirmations).
  10. Held discussions on sustainability with each of our major suppliers. While we have little leverage, having the conversation makes a difference.
  11. Asked each of our suppliers what they can do to help us in our sustainability efforts.
  12. Asked each of our suppliers to have ask their suppliers what can be done to make our event more sustainable.
  13. Eliminated the production of hardcopy where possibile. This is why we no longer produce an event notebook.
  14. Dropped paper napkins, disposable plates, and disposable cups from our poolside events. The hotel has agreed to provide cloth napkins and permanent, non-breakable cups and plates in its place.
  15. Convince the resort to provide recycling bins for glass and cans. They had not done that in the past.
  16. Made a commitment to make SMART decisions: We won't go out and buy recycled paper when we have perfectly good stock in hand. USE WHAT WE HAVE FIRST.
  17. Collecting unwanted badge holders at the end of the event for later reuse.
  18. Book local talent. For instance, we hired local video crews rather than importing as we have in the past.
  19. Made an effort to minimize the use of collateral materials and we've asked that our sponsors do the same.

    At Cyon Research's offices, we have
  20. Held discussions on sustainability with each of our clients.
  21. Replaced 1500-watt personal heaters with 150-watt personal heaters.
  22. Adjusted the default thermostat settings - 67° in heating season and 79° in cooling season.
  23. Upgraded HVAC to 95% efficient gas furnace and SEER 17 Heat Pump (From 80% and SEER 8).
  24. Switched away from incandescents to a mix of CFL and LED lighting.
  25. Switched from using high-wattage projectors for meetings to using LED monitors, where possible